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Volunteer Angel Junior Programme


Become a Volunteer Angel Junior (VAJ) to assist children to develop a positive and enterprising spirit, so they can get a comprehensive and balanced development; besides, through participating in different types of voluntary work, children can increase their concern for society and serve Others and encourage children to use their spare time to serve the society and enrich themselves.

Main target audience:

For children aged 3-13

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Reward method and content

Each volunteer will distribute a total of six copies of the "Volunteer Angel Junior Handbook" to regularly launch volunteer activities, and reward students for their volunteer work participation in the form of printing stamps.


  • Collect all the stamps in the first manual and get a small gift;

  • Collect all the stamps in the second handbook and get a bronze certificate issued by the Association;

  • Collect all the stamps in the fourth booklet and get a silver certificate issued by the Association;

  • Collect all the seals in the sixth booklet and get a gold certificate issued by the Association.

For children aged 3-13

By participating in the Volunteer Angel Junior Reward Program, we hope that children can gain the following:

  • Believe in yourself- Don't be afraid to make mistakes, be brave to try, accept yourself, and be confident that you can do it.

  • Organizational skills- Setting goals and a plan can make your success even further.

  • Communion and coexistence- How to get along with others, solve problems calmly, be tolerant of others, and follow the rules.

  • Perseverance- Dare to try and will not give up easily even if you encounter difficulties. You must have a stick to your beliefs to succeed in doing things.

  • Emotion management- When faced with difficulties or challenges, do not worry or be angry, control your behaviour and give yourself calm, then return to work and manage your emotions, which will be more helpful to things.


All the activities in the Volunteer Angel Junior Award Program include these five elements, so it will be of great help to the balanced development and growth of children.


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