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About Us

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Our Purpose

The Hong Kong Children’s Charity Foundation is a charity registered in Hong Kong (under Article 88 of the Tax Regulation: 91/13334). The Association is organized by a group of young people to devote the development activities of group 3-12 aged children.

The purpose of the activity is to provide them with a more diversified platform to develop themselves through these community activities, enhance their self-confidence, face setbacks bravely, and improve their quality of life.

Our Mission
  • Assist poor and disadvantaged children, provide their life, school, and medical subsidies, and provide them with equal opportunities to improve their skills so that they will have the relative ability to face the competition in the future. On their behalf, they will have the opportunity to pursue a better future.

  • Provide employment opportunities for middle-aged people and new arrivals, so that they have a basic income to support their lives, help them build a confident and happy life, and improve their quality of life and happiness.

  • Organize some activities and provide financial assistance to low- and middle-income households, encourage grassroots and disadvantaged groups to stand out from their comfort zone, so they can make new friends in the activities, express their opinions.

  • Through the cooperation with the government and local organizations, to strengthen the ability of the association, aiming to provide more diversified community support for infants and children in need, help them thrive, and improve the child welfare pipeline.

Target Auidence


Hong Kong



Children in need

of special care



Physical Fitness Training




STEM Education

  • Hong Kong Children 

  • Children in need of special care

  • Grassroots Family

  • Physical Fitness Training

  • STEM Education

  • Family activities

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